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UGC Entitled Degrees

Get UGC entitled degree
From NAAC A+ Accredited University

500+ Hiring Partners

Virtual job fairs feature 500+ companies with the highest package up to 53 LPA

Global Classrooms

Connect and learn with diverse peers from around the world at Online VGU.

100% Placement Assistance

Allow you to learn and experience anywhere, anytime

No Cost EMI

No cost EMI options for easy payment of courses fees.

Attractive Scholarships

Get exciting Scholarships for your educational journey.

Certifications from EXIN, AWS, Redhat, Neo4j

Gain industry-recognized certifications from EXIN Netherlands, AWS and Redhat, enhancing your skills.

Affordable Courses

Access quality education with affordable courses designed to your aspirations.
You don’t have to go to the Degree, The Degree will come to you!

Online VGU Home to the
Best Online Degree Courses.


The online degrees offered by Vivekananda Global University are recognized throughout the world by government and organisations as equal to on-campus degrees, and open doors to better career opportunities.



Our extensive E-library helps students to access a wealth of digital resources, scholarly articles, and interactive materials, empowering students to stay at the forefront of their studies in the modern world.


Earn industry-recognized certifications from Exin, AWS and Redhat through our online programs. Equip yourself with the latest skills and knowledge, validated by certifications that are relevant and esteemed in today's rapidly evolving job market.

Gamified Module

With the interactive gamified modules at online VGU students engage in game-inspired learning experience that not only makes studying enjoyable but also enhances your comprehension and retention, aligning seamlessly with the interactive nature of the modern world.

AI-Based Learning

Benefit from personalised learning paths, adaptive assessments, and intelligent insights, ensures students' educational experience is finely tuned to their individual needs, preparing them for a technologically driven future.

AI-Powered Personalization

Navigate your educational path with precision through AI-powered personalization. Receive tailor-made recommendations, adaptive content, and real-time feedback, fostering a learning environment that resonates with your strengths and aspirations in the dynamic landscape of the modern world.

E-Portfolio Development

Helping students cultivate a professional digital presence with our E-portfolio development where students showcase their achievements, projects, and skills in a dynamic online portfolio, creating a compelling narrative for their professional journey in sync with the contemporary demands.

Microlearning Module

The flexible and efficient learning through our microlearning modules helps students to consume bite-sized, focused content that fits into their schedule, allowing them to absorb information swiftly and stay agile in adapting to the rapid changes.

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02. Fees Submission

Pay your registration fees online. Check the payment options for your application before you continue.
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03. Document Verification

Submit all required documents. The applicant must be checked filled data and attached the required documents.
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04. Admission Confirmation

You’ll get a notification on your portal as well as email/SMS if you get shortlisted for admission.To check your admission status contact us.
Should you have any questions or issues during the application process, please send us an email at srm@onlinevgu.com

Beyond Boundaries: Mission Module's Promise

At VGU, it's all about you and your goals. Choose your destination, and we'll guide you through your course journey, backed by assessments and personality analysis.

Study Abroad Support

Thinking about studying abroad? We are here to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition to international universities. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures and expand your horizons.

Mentorship for Business Ventures

Dreaming of starting your own business? Our mentorship programs provide the support and skills you need to turn your ideas into reality. Let us help you navigate the path to entrepreneurship.

Get Placed in top IT Companies

Get ready for a successful career in IT. Our industry-aligned courses and experienced faculty prepare you for top positions in leading IT companies. Your journey to a rewarding career starts here.

Launching Your Own Business

Whether you dream of launching a startup or managing a business, we offer specialized guidance. Learn essential business skills and set the stage for your entrepreneurial journey.

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Studying with online VGU was a game-changer for my career. Despite working as an assistant manager, completing my MBA led to a promotion and a 186% salary increase. VGU's online platform proved invaluable in advancing my education and career goals.
Student 1
Even while pursuing my BCA in AI, I found Online VGU's online platform to be incredibly helpful. The flexibility allowed me to balance my studies with other commitments seamlessly. The resources and support provided by Online VGU enriched my understanding of AI and prepared me for real-world applications.
Student 2
As a seasoned professional, I was initially skeptical about pursuing an online BBA program. However, VGU's comprehensive curriculum and engaging online platform exceeded my expectations. The flexibility allowed me to advance my business knowledge while managing my busy schedule.
Student 3
Transitioning into the field of education demanded a significant expansion of my knowledge in English literature and language.Online VGU's MA in English online program became my guiding light, offering a flexible platform that seamlessly integrated with my busy schedule. The coursework wasn't just theoretical; it was practical, challenging, and profoundly insightful.
Student 4