About VGU


About VGU

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A Truly Global Digital University with Future-proof Dynamic Online Degrees

Our vision is to provide Equitable, High Quality and Multi-Disciplinary online degree education to develop 22nd Century Skills and a meaningful, prosperous life for the youth of the nation


  1. Equitable education by giving access to industry led curriculum, world class faculty, and industry opportunities to students in the remotest parts of the world through online medium.
  2. High quality education, partnered with the industry, that develops future skills and specialization in a student to face the needs of the industry.
  3. Multi-disciplinary, cross functional and innovative degree products that provides a holistic learning outcome to the students
  4. Focus on 22nd century skill development and create a dynamic curriculum suiting the changing industry needs
  5. Meaningful and prosperous life – To impart knowledge and education that helps a student create a meaningful and prosperous life for themselves


Overview Bagaria Education Trust (BET), a not-for-profit charitable organization registered in the year 2002, was constituted by a group of hardworking professionals from Rajasthan who felt that the special efforts were required to promote education in the rural areas of the state. Dr. K.R Bagaria, Former Member of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission is the Founder Managing Trustee.

The trust is registered with NITI Aayog as an NGO and Devasthan Vibhag, Government of Rajasthan. It is also registered with the Income tax department under section 80G & 12AA and is eligible for CSR funds.