Master of Business Administration


Master of Business Administration
MBA (2 Years)

Jan 2024

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Curriculum and Details

Semester 1
  • Managerial Economics
  • Quantitative Methods for Management
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Management Concepts
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Environment
  • Business Ethics
Semester 2
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Research Methodology
  • Management Information System
  • International Business Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Business Communication
  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2
Semester 3


Course Category

Name of the Subject

Compulsory Subjects

MBM 301

Project Management

MBM 302

Supply Chain Management

MBM 304

Strategic Management

MBM 305

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management


MBM 311

Elective (Marketing)

Consumer Behaviour

MBM 314

Marketing of Services

MBM 315

Integrated Marketing Communication

MBM 316

Sales Distribution & Logistics Management

MBM 321

Elective (Human Resource Management)

Employee Legislation

MBM 325

Strategic Human Resource Management

MBM 323

Training & Development

MBM 324

Performance Management &Talent Retention

MBM 331

Elective (Financial Management)

Principles & Practices of Banking

MBM 332

Management of Financial Services

MBM 333

Financial Innovation and Risk Management

MBM 334

Security Market and Portfolio Management

MBM 341

Elective(Agri Business)

Livestock Production & Management

MBM 342

Farm Management

MBM 343

Fertilizer Technology and Management


Agricultural Marketing Trade and Prices

MBM 351

Elective (International Business Management)

International Trade Procedures and Documentation

MBM 352

International Marketing Management

MBM 353

Global HRM

MBM 354

International Financial Management

MBM 361

Elective (Healthcare Management)

Hospital Management 1

MBM 362

Hospital Services and Quality Management

MBM 363

Hospital Management 2

MBM 364

Industrial Health and Safety Management

MBM 371

Elective (Operations Management)

Operations Planning & Control

MBM 372

World Class Manufacturing

MBM 373

Project Formulation & Analysis

MBM 374

Inventory & Purchase Management

MBM 381

Elective (Information Technology Management)

Enterprise Resource Planning

MBM 382

Database Management System

MBM 383

System Analysis and Design

MBM 384

Networking Concepts

Semester 4

Practical Training in Industry

Degree Offered by ONLINE VGU




Passed Bachelor's Degree of Minimum 3 Years Duration.

Elective Pool Specializations

Academic Fee per Semester

Indian NationalsForeign Nationals
 Rs 32,500 $ 710

Note : – Back paper examination fee for indian and foreign student is Rs 500 and $10 (per theory /practical course) for all UG and PG  programmers

Potential Job Roles

Management Trainee




Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to apply for the programs?

The application process for the programs is very simple and student friendly. The student can start the admission process by filling up the application form in WWW.ONLINEVGU.COM

2. When will I get my login credentials for Online VGU Learning Platform?

After submitting the necessary documents and fees and meeting all eligibility requirements, the admission process has been successfully completed for the program.

3. What is Online VGU Learning Platform and how to use it?

The Online VGU Learning Platform is a software tool that manages all parts of learning online. It’s like a system for organising, keeping track of, and delivering online classes or training programs. Online VGU Platform uses a strong Learning Management System (LMS) to give online classes and make on-campus classes better. The LMS does things like delivering course material, handling student sign-ups, keeping track of progress, grading, reporting, and managing resources and performance.

4. What all information is there in the Online VGU Learning Platform?

The Online VGU Learning Platform provides course materials, assignments, and assessments. It also includes communication tools for interacting with instructors and classmates, an academic calendar, progress tracking features, and support resources for student success

5. Why do I choose your online program?

Get a UGC-entitled degree from NAAC A+ accredited Online VGU, with 500+ hiring partners and global classrooms. Benefit from 100% placement assistance, attractive scholarships, and industry-recognized certifications from EXIN, AWS, Redhat, and Neo4j. Enjoy easy payment with no-cost EMI options and access affordable courses tailored to your aspirations.

6. What do you mean by four quadrants?

In online education, the learning experience often revolves around four key quadrants: video recordings, live lectures, discussion forums, and assessments. Video recordings offer flexibility, allowing students to access pre-recorded lectures at their own pace. Live lectures provide real-time interaction with instructors, fostering engagement and immediate feedback. Discussion forums facilitate collaborative learning, enabling students to exchange ideas and perspectives with peers and instructors. Assessments, including quizzes and assignments, gauge students’ comprehension and progress, ensuring the attainment of learning objectives. Together, these quadrants form a comprehensive framework for effective online learnin
Video recording , live lectures , discussion forums, Assessments

7. Can I record online lectures?

Live classes are recorded in the LMS which can be accessed anytime.

8. Is there a way through which I can talk to a faculty in case I have a doubt?

The student can chat with the faculty during online lectures by using the chat window. In case of a doubt, the student can post it as a query in the learning portal for the faculty and the faculty responds to it within 48 hours.

9. How are the exams conducted in online mode?

Exams now follow new rules and are done with Online Technology Enabled Proctored mode.The test includes two parts: internal (like assignments) counting for 30% and external (like end-of-term exams) for 70%.

10. Do you offer placement assistance?

Yes, we offer placement assistance.

11. Who can enroll in Post graduate course ?

Students who are undergraduate in their field: –

  • Looking to upgrade their profile with an industry led dynamic degree programme from a reputed university.
  • Looking to shift their career into a new age 22nd century skill based industry that has a better potential and is future proof.
  • Looking to pursue a competitive test prep or alternate career options that demands a post-graduation will get credits for industry certification programmes integrated with the undergraduate degrees.
  • PG students continuing their degree at a college/university and want to avail a dual degree online for learning specialization and skills for 22nd century.
  • Students looking to become a freelancer/entrepreneur in a chosen field. Special guidance will be provided for freelancing and entrepreneurship opportunity.
  • Students having financial difficulty in providing for their higher education studies but have the skillset to make a meaningful, prosperous life for themselves. Financial aid, loans and work-based payment formats are available.
12. Will the programme have live lectures and webinars?

VGU’s online degree programmes focuses on self-paced learning driven by video lectures and self-learning materials such as Recorded sessions, presentations, assessments, e-books, quizzes, and assignments. This is augmented by live online lectures (webinars) where students can interact directly with the faculty.

13. Will my qualification acquired through Online mode be valued? Will it make me eligible for jobs and higher studies?

Yes, University Degree in Online mode is treated at par with regular mode Degree. You will be eligible for State and Central Government jobs, Private jobs, Higher Education like Ph.D. Education or jobs abroad.

14. Will attending these programmes add to my attendance requirement for the programme ?

Yes, University Degree in Online mode is treated at par with regular mode Degree. You will be eligible for State and Central Government jobs, Private jobs, Higher Education like Ph.D. Education or jobs abroad.